May 11, 2021

Guide to Brewing the Perfect Aeropress Coffee

Your quick and easy guide to brewing coffee in an Aeropress at home – or anywhere, for that matter.

Invented in 2005, the Aeropress revolutionised the way we drink coffee today. Creating a vacuum, an Aeropress utilises the air pressure to force hot water through the grind to extract your coffee in just 90-seconds.

The beauty of this tool is being able to use it more or less wherever you are. Light and compact, it’s made from sturdy plastic – it can travel with you, and is quick and easy to use. All you need is coffee, and hot water.

To get the best out of your Aeropress, follow our illustrated guide:

Three Top Tips:

  • Flush first with warm water to clean out, you might also consider a “water only” press before making the coffee, to wet the filter and warm the Aeropress. Rinsing the filter in this way also prevents a “papery” taste to your coffee.
  • Why not heat your mug/cup with some hot water first? That way, your coffee will stay good and warm for longer.
  • Stop before you reach the bottom. This is to ensure you don’t over extract the coffee. If you hear a hiss, you’ve gone too far.

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