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start your journey to your perfect cup of coffee

truly personalized coffees

specialty coffees, expert curation and master roasters
the journey to a perfect cup

Our process guides you your perfect cup of coffee - for every occasion, time and food pairing.

complex blends
single origin
rare harvests
single farm


Each of us has unique sensory capabilities. lifestyles and life history – your tastes and preferences are yours alone.

UILLIU provides products and services designed match you to your coffee. We exist to complement and enhance what makes you U..


Our coffee arrives green, and is roasted on order, so it's the freshest coffee possible.


We curate our coffee selections and know that our products are eco-sensitive, fair-trade and not corporate owned.

Small Orders

We order small quantities so that we aren't holding coffees waiting to roast them - and that means fresher throughout the process.


Did you know that coffee is rated just like wines? We only order specialty level and up - rated at least 85 points and above.

Custom Roast

We only roast on an on-order basis never mixing beans or roasts - and always by a trained roaster.


We are located in sunny wonderful Scottsdale, Arizona - come visit anytime! Just remember that summers are a tad arm.

How to start your journey

Attend a Tasting Event

Tastings are a fun way to explore coffee and identify your unique preferences. You will taste 3 flights of coffee –gastronomically circling the world.  The coffees and their preparation are tuned to help discover nuances, break apart those sensations of taste, body and aroma so you can discover your perfect cup!

Talk to a Roaster

Talk to one of our master roasters so we can get you started! Our master roasters show you how you can start your journey to find your perfect blend. You will get an expertly curated selection of coffees made specifically for your unique tastes.

Get a Sample Pack

Order a sample pack or browse and select some of the top rated coffees in the world in our store.

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Join the CLUB

If you love our Coffee, you’ll love our Coffee Club. Get 100 free points on us when you join and you'll earn points on every purchase.

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